Welcome to the club!

We know well what it means to be a family. As a part of the WAINER family,

you have many privileges and priorities according to the number of

Wainer pieces you have. Sound good? Read on…

What’s in it for you?

When you have a Wainer for the first time -congratulations- you are now a Owners Club member.

If you have more than one Wainer watch, you have been promoted to the Collectors Club and your privileges have increased.

Benefits Owners Club Collectors Club
Extra 3 years mechanism warranty
Discount on next purchased watch
Watch Care Gift ( 1 time )
Engraving / Customization
Referreal Program
Random Gifts
Get an extra warranty!

Your Wainer watch is under warranty for a period of (24) twenty-four months starting from the date of purchasing your Wainer watch.

All Club Wainer members have three move years of mechanism warranty.

Register your watch now and get an extra warranty!


Our “New Beginnings” focused film has gone live on Turkey’s main TV stations and across digital and social channels, encouraging the new beginnings.

The spot contains sections from the short film "The Art Of Flying" capturing by well-known Dutch photographer and director Jan Van Ijken, which has been screened on over 50 international film festivals and has received many awards brings to life by the voice of famous actor Nejat İşler invites us to believe into the possibilities of new beginnings and prepare our thoughts and selves for the best revival of all time.