Our Collection
A Natural Integration of heritage, mechanics & style.
And of course, it's Swiss Made!
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Wainers's New Iconic Collection is Stylish and Versatile!
Wainer's new Iconic collection is a creative reinterpretation of Swiss Craftsmanships!
Striking and recognizable because of its pretentious design, the #Iconic collection is available in two ranges: Iconic Bones and Iconic Quartz
It’s your lucky day, you’ve just found it!
Though each #Trio has its own features, what they all have in common is their three-piece stainless-steel case, rounded shape and the finesse of their details.
A Natural Integration of Heritage, Mechanics & Style.
Wainer’s Vintage collection combining traditional watchmaking with contemporary design and vintage spirit. Take a closer look at a watch steeped in vintage detail. Wainer’s Vitage collection tells the stories while telling the time.
Everything change. But a classic watch remains!
Wainer’s Classic cool look is always in style. This collections is a distinctive choice for men with style and It shows itself just the way it is.
To New Beginnings

Every moment is a new beginning. Every journey is a new adventure to discover something new. In fact; new beginnings are for realizing another part of your soul. All you have to do is to start!

A new job,
A new home,
A new journey, maybe with new friends,
Or start looking for the love of your life.

And in the end; all new beginnings deserve a celebration.

To #New Begginings

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