A Natural Integration of heritage, mechanics & style. And of course, it’s Swiss Made! Want More? #Start to discover the collection!

A powerful means to flaunt your style!

Although each #Trio model is distinctive, what they all have in common is their three-piece masculine stainless-steel case, rounded shape, and the elegance of their details. Watches reflect their owner’s character and Trio appeals to those who choose their watch wisely and who want to stand out with their style. Today is your lucky day; this is the watch you’re looking for.


Being iconic is not easy!

With its bold design and striking, eye-catching appearance, the #Iconic Collection is a creative reinterpretation of Swiss watchmaking excellence combined with the Mediterranean spirit of design!


Modern watches with vintage detail.

Wainer’s Vintage Collection combines traditional Swiss watchmaking with contemporary design. Wainer’s Vintage Collection tells a story while telling the time. Vintage returns with a new interpretation!


Perfect Balance with Wainer Sport

Designed for active wear, the Wainer Sport Collection is the perfect combination of sportive DNA with a stylish soul. Powerful, stylish, and Swiss made. Wainer Sport is everything you expect from a sports watch: powerful, stylish, and Swiss made. With the Sport Collection, whatever you do, do it in style.


Everything changes, but a classic remains!

Wainer’s Classic Collection never loses its style because a classic is always in fashion. Taking its inspiration from timelessness and combining elegance of design with Swiss craftsmanship, the Classic Collection is an art form that is charismatic and always stylish because a classic challenges time.