With the increasing quality of Wainer watches, the mechanism warranty of the “warranty card” is five years from the stamp and signature date. The terms of the five-year warranty coverage;

  • Being active of the Wainer Club of the consumer belonging to the Wainer brand,
  • Errors arising from the production of the watch when the Wainer watches reach the consumer hands,
  • It is the detection of faults related to the watch’s mechanism or operation by the authorized service.
  • Outside the five-year warranty, conditions that belong to the consumer;
  • The watch is hit or damaged due to consumer use error (falling, crashing, etc.),
  • Damages caused by misuse, tampering, usage accidents according to the maintenance and special usage conditions in the watch’s operating instructions,
  • Damage, scratches or breaks caused by consumer use on the case, wristband, strap or outer components of the watch.
  • Water or moisture damage occurs by exceeding the “water resistance” measure specified in the watch’s usage methods,
  • Damage caused by repair or replacement by anyone other than “authorized service” listed in the user manual.