Watch care
We all know that it’s more expensive to repair a watch than it is to maintain a watch but if you know how to care and what to do than it is possible using your watch for the first time you purchased as many years.

Periodic control
Your Wainer watch should be taken to an authorized Wainer service at least once in a 2 (two) years like all other micro-mechanical devices.

Shock & Vibration
Try to avoid your watch from hitting or dropping to the hard surfaces since it might damage your watch.

Avoid chemicals
You also need to keep your watch away from the materials which have liquid and solvent properties such as alcohol and gas, cosmetic sprays, detergent, gluing and paints. The chemicals which have solvent properties can directly contact the coating of your watch. This might cause your watch to be considered as out of warranty.

Water resistance
It’s always important to read your user manual before you’re doing anything with your watch. And it’s always important to know unique water resistance of your watch where its written with detailed in the user manual. If your watch has a leather band, you should also avoid getting it wet as water can damage and weaken the leather.

The protection of bracelet and exterior surface of the watch
Vipe your watch and the bracelet with a dray piece of cloth in order to prevent the corrosion which will occur because of dust and moisture.

Avoid magnets
Your watch might be effected by any type of magnet from small magnets like souvenirs to big magnets like airport or shopping mall detectors. Try to keep away your watch from magnets and if your watch slows down or stops after magnet exposure, take your watch to the authorized repair service immediately.