Who is the contact for after sales service?
You can contact us for after-sales service at our address on the Contact Us tab.

How long is my Wainer watch under warranty?
Your Wainer watch is under warranty for a period of (24) twenty-four months starting from the date of purchasing your Wainer watch from a Wainer authorized retailer in accordance with the conditions and terms of this warranty agreement.

With the increasing quality of Wainer watches, the mechanism warranty of the “warranty card” is five (5) years from the stamp and signature date.

How can be sure that I’m buying an original Wainer watch?
Buy a Wainer watch only from authorized retailers who gives you the warranty card within the original Wainer gift box including the watch reference, the purchase date and the dealer’s full name and address.

How much will repair cost?
It depends on what needs to be repaired or replaced. Best way to find out is to get in touch with your authorized retailer or the service center directly.

How to register with the Owners Club?
You can find Owner Club registration steps here.